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   Apr 25

Acclimating Indoor Cacti to the Outdoors

For those who do not have the luxury of keeping their cactus collection outdoors all year round, spring is usually the time when we put our plants outdoors. We all want to take advantage of the growth spurt we get from the strong summer sun and heat. The sun helps put on growth and wakes up the plant’s immune system. And cacti will also benefit from the increased fresh air exchange that occurs outside. But if you do not properly acclimate your cacti, it can ruin their aesthetic appeal. And for serious collectors, that can potentially mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars in cacti damaged.

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   Jun 02

Germination of Cacti such as San Pedro, etc…

The reality is that cacti do grow from seeds, and anyone can grow them. It’s not that difficult and is more than rewarding in the end. I warn you though, the hobby of cacti growing and collecting can be nothing short of addicting, and there is a growing community of cacti growers, particularly the Sacred species, which includes San Pedro Cactus, Peruvian Torch, Dona Ana, certain Ariocarpus species and even Peyote, which is illegal in the United States but it extremely coveted and legal to grow elsewhere around the world.

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