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Capsicum Chinense (Yellow Trinidad Scorpion Pepper)- 20 seeds

Capsicum Chinense (Yellow Trinidad Scorpion Pepper)- 20 seeds

Capsicum Chinense (Yellow Trinidad Scorpion Pepper)- 20 seeds

It’s unclear whether the Trinidad Scorpion is named as such because its burn feels like you got stung by a scorpion or because it really looks like one. The name seems more to be the result of the latter because there are other full body experience peppers like the famed bhut jolokia. With its fat upper body and sharp tail, the Trinidad Scorpion sure is a formidable looking opponent. But how does it compare to the legendary bhut jolokia, known as the ghost chili? Technically, the bhut jolokia has more notoriety for heat, but many true pepper connoisseurs argue that the Trinidad Scorpion is hotter. There are a number of factors in a single pepper’s heat, such as growing conditions. But when you get that hot, it’s hard to tell a difference. And it does not seem unfair to say that they are at least equally hot. But when it comes to appearance, I think the Trinidad Scorpion is the one that truly says, “I dare ya!” While the traditional version of the Trinidad Scorpion is a bright red, we are proud to offer this special yellow variety in our collection of the world’s best.

WARNING: Direction consumption of these peppers can be dangerous. Even handling the seeds can cause irritation.

Growing Information Plant your seeds at a depth of 1/4" in a well-draining soil mixture. An organic soil without peat is recommended. Keep very warm and bright. This pepper requires hotter temperatures than typical pepper species because of its native environment. Use of a heat lamp will raise soil temperature. After the seedlings have developed a few sets of true leaves, transplant to a location in full sun. More sun and less water will increase the heat content. Fertilize biweekly with bonemeal once flowering has begun. Plants mature in 100 days.

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Capsicum Chinense (Yellow Trinidad Scorpion Pepper)- 20 seeds

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