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Pereskiopsis Spathulata -1 cutting Reviews for the product -

Pereskiopsis Spathulata -1 cutting

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Pereskiopsis Spathulata -1 cutting

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Pereskiopsis Spathulata -1 cutting

5 healthy!

Scott Fields - 09/10/2011

cuttings came well packaged and in excellent condition. Was supprised and pleased to see cuttings were already rooted. Super fast delivery!

Pereskiopsis Spathulata -1 cutting


Shawn Dingle - 06/29/2012

I ordered three Pereskiopsis spathulata cuttings and they arrived 3 days after I ordered them. They were all roughly six (6) inches long, two (2) of them were about .5 inches in diameter and the other was about .3 inches in diameter. They were pretty scarred and none had leaves, but ALL three (3) had roots. About 4 days after planting in pots with my special soil all three began growing what looked like leaves out of their top two (2) nodes. Overall they are amazing and cam e in great shape. These plants are hardy little Dickens', and I cut the smaller one in half and put the top rootless part in a Grodan starter cube and it began growing a shoot out of the top node TWO (2) DAYS AFTER PLANTING IT! I have bought from World Seed Supply about 100 times and I HIGHLY recommend this product and ALL products from them! Good luck and Happy Planting!

Shawn Dingle

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